Free Anti-spam Plugins for WordPress websites

All novice websites or online shop owners have to face it because they forget to install anti-spam solutions e.g. free and premium plugins available for this purpose. It is not unpredictable to guess your frustration when it comes to spammers on your blog or website.

Now that you know about anti-spam plugins and their importance, let’s help you choose the best. Here are the top 5 that we liked.

We are mentioning here free and paid Anti-Spam plugins for your wordpress website.

  1. Akismet

The setup/installation of the plugin is pretty easy and all you need to have the API key that would link the website with the plugin. Once activated, the plugin performs deep-rooted scans, all across the site, and primarily in the comments section to trace and locate spammy content. The premium version of the plugin has extraordinary features and is mainly designed for commercial websites.

Working online, you are bound to get flawed with the intrusion of spams. They not only conjure up space but also disrupt the end to end website performance. In case you have a WordPress website and you are worried about the spam content, installing Akismet is one solution for you.

Plugin 1 – Akismet – One of the best Antispam Plugins for WordPress websites

Free Version Key Features

  • Constant monitoring and comments scrutinizing to detect potential flaws
  • Spammed comments are marked in the history of the same.
  • API key-based integration
  • Discard feature that allows you to block the spanners

Premium Version Key Features

  • Advanced spam protection
  • Mainly for commercial websites
  • Prioritizes the staff support
  • Reports and stats to remain informed

2. Anti-spam Bee

A free to use antispam plugin, the anti-spam bee eliminates the need to embed in the page-long user registration process, instead get started instantly. The plugin comes with an array of features starting with blocking spam from contents, language, and also IP addresses. It is very efficient and keeps a check on every activity occurring on the website to trace and block the irrelevant ones.

Every time the plugin blocks some content, a report is shared with the admin through a mail. Further, the plugin facilitates limiting the number of content and comments posted on a single page. In case, the number exceeds the limit, all others are automatically deleted from the page.

Plugin 2 – Anti-spam Bee – One of the best Antispam Plugins for WordPress websites

Free Version Key Features

  • An intuitive dashboard that displays all recent activities and spam statistics.
  • Send mails notifying the admin about the incoming mails
  • Restrict traceback and pingback from spam detection
  • Automate the deletion of content when a limit is set.

3. Anti-Spam by webvitaly

A super intuitive and easy to use plugin, Anti-Spam by webvitaly enabled WordPress website owners to keep a check on the spammers, block content and restore them if found legit. The content or comment blocking thing is an automated process and hardly does the plugin ever makes a mistake in detecting spam. Nevertheless, it doesn’t require any captcha for blocking content and exercises great caution when it comes to spam detection.

With the plugin, the comment section has two extra fields added. Where the first one has a code appended by default, the second one is left empty for the spammers. It is only the spammers that will be able to view the field and try to enter values. Once they do this, the plugin can successfully detect and block the content. A smart and intelligent way to trap the spammers, Anti-Spam by webvitaly is one of the best plugins enabling total spam protection.

Free Version Key Features

  • End to end automation of spam detection and protection
  • It is compatible with both single-site and multisite.
  • Has an intuitive dashboard
  • Employs hidden fields to trap spammers

Premium Version Key Features

  • Has spam settings page along with spam-points algorithm.
  • Enables manual spam settings and protection

4. Anti-Spam by CleanTalk

Apparently one of the most efficient antispam plugins, Anti-Spam by CleanTalk is highly artistic when it comes to minimizing website spam. The plugin has hordes of features and a lot more to offer besides protecting the website against spam attacks. It performs an in-depth scan of the website to check for malicious comments and does this regularly. The plugin is compatible with almost every other plugin and doesn’t hinder or obstruct the site functionality in any way.

Plugin 4 – Anti-Spam by CleanTalk- One of the best Antispam Plugins for WordPress websites

Free Version Key Features

  • Compatible with the mobile interface
  • Has a bundle of spam filtering choices
  • Is GDPR complaint

Premium Version Key Features

  • Spambots for 100% site protection
  • Provides 24/7 support facility to deal with problems
  • Offers detailed statistics on spam intrusion and protection
  • Doesn’t require any captcha

5. Cerber

Whether it is simple comment spam, one from the contact forms, order, and bookings or through the IP, Anti-Spam by CleanTalk plugin can deal with all. To top this, the plugin works effectively with the WooCommerce store as well.

An all in one spam and security protection plugin, Cerber blocks malware, trojan, and other viruses, apart from the spams. It activates an antispam engine and eases the job of preventing your website from being flooded with spams.

Free Version Key Features

  • IP based spam blocking
  • Limits the number of login attempts
  • Customizes the login URL to prevent brute force attack

Premium Version Key Features

  • Layered spam detection
  • Advanced level spam protection
  • Rich GEO rules
  • 24/7 availability and support


There are enough anti-spam WordPress plugins that could help you in blocking unauthorized or spammy access to your website. Not only it will keep your digital identity safe but will save your time that you might have to waste in blocking IPs manually or deleting spam comments. So, start utilizing anti-spam extensions as soon as you go live.

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